Credit Repair Services: Elite Credit Score Enhancement, Coaching, and Security Assessment

Elite Service includes all benefits of our Express Professional Credit Score Enhancement even faster—PLUS two additional features to make this service the fastest and most comprehensive in the industry.

Industry's Fastest Credit Score Enhancement

It is not humanly possible to complete our service faster than the Elite Service Schedule. How fast do we start? Right Now! Our goal is to have your reports in our system and initial interventions completed within 24 hours of your registration. As soon as a bureau responds, we will follow-up within 24 hours. Most clients will see substantial results in the first 20-30 business days.


First Work Fee: $297

Afterward, $195 monthly for three months. If additional work is needed, then the cost is reduced to $95 a month.

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BlueRibbonOutstanding Service

Clients love UpMyScore because we work each customer's case just as we would our own: conscientiously, to the best of our ability with an obsession to provide truly outstanding service.

JusticeExercise Your Rights

Federal and state laws protect consumers from inaccurate, incomplete & unverifiable credit reporting.

"He who does not exercise his rights is no better off than he who has no rights." - Ted Wooley, UpMyScore Founder

BottomLineThere is no one who cannot dramatically improve their situation with a little time, money and professional guidance using our time-tested service.