Credit Repair Services: Express Service Schedule

The Express Service Schedule from UpMyScore is a special modification of our traditional Standard service schedule designed to be completed faster. How much faster? It offers the benefits of our Standard Service Schedule in half the time. Express service compresses the work that normally takes 8+ months down to 4-6 months.

Those best suited for the Express are borrowers whose circumstances make rushing mandatory. They need maximum score improvement done as soon as possible.

These are consumers who need to take advantage of special rates, avoid a pending rate adjustment, or are perhaps just a few points away from qualifying.

Express Service also includes your personally assigned FCRA Certified Case Advisor to work your case and coach you how to best raise your score using all methods available.


First Work Fee: $149

Afterward, $95.90 monthly for four months. If additional work is needed, then the cost is reduced to $59.95 a month.

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This is our 5-point promise to you, our customer:

Promise #1: All-inclusive Service

We promise to do whatever is necessary for one flat monthly rate. There are no hidden fees. No upgrades. You get our best from the start. We will use our high-impact 10 Step Process on any and all types of credit issues on your behalf.

Promise #2: Personalized Attention

We promise to provide you with the level of personal service you deserve. You will have your own individual Case Advisor that is YOUR personal contact point and the actual person working on your case.

Promise #3: Regular Communication

We promise to keep you informed. In addition to routine updates from the credit bureaus, your personal Case Advisor is always a phone call or email away and will be updating you on a regular basis during the course of your service. You will always know what has been done—as well as what to expect next in your case.

Promise #4: Speedy Action

We promise to act and respond with the same promptness that we would desire for ourselves. We are well aware that your financial plans and dreams are most likely "on hold" until this process is completed. With a combination of speed and effectiveness, we will complete your service as quickly as possible. Most customers will see initial results in approximately 60 days. Our complete program can usually be completed in six to ten months.

Promise #5: Guaranteed Satisfaction

We promise you our very best effort from day one. By law, no one can guarantee you a specific result, but we can and do guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our service.


BlueRibbonOutstanding Service

Clients love UpMyScore because we work each customer's case just as we would our own: conscientiously, to the best of our ability with an obsession to provide truly outstanding service.

JusticeExercise Your Rights

Federal and state laws protect consumers from inaccurate, incomplete & unverifiable credit reporting.

"He who does not exercise his rights is no better off than he who has no rights." - Ted Wooley, UpMyScore Founder

BottomLineThere is no one who cannot dramatically improve their situation with a little time, money and professional guidance using our time-tested service.