Credit Repair Services: Standard Service Schedule

According to our clients' feedback, our Standard service schedule provides the best balance between "speed of service completion" and "comfortable monthly payments." It is designed to complete an average case (approx 25-30 issues) in as little as 6 months, with an average of 8-10 months. In reaching that goal, case work is broken up into smaller batches over time. Scheduling the work in cycles provides a method of breaking a big, rather expensive, job into smaller affordable jobs.

Segmenting a clients issues in this fashion has also shown to provide extremely effective results in the long run as it provides time to work on creating new credit also. That is our ultimate purpose. Our Standard Service Schedule is our best schedule for the vast majority of our clients who are planning ahead. It produces the same results, and does so with an easy payment plan for those watching their monthly budgets.

TIP: It's similar to our Express Service, just not a fast.


First Work Fee: $97

Afterward, $59.95 monthly starting the second month.

Which is our "Best" program?

Altough our pricing for each service schedule will vary, we do not have a cheaper program where we do less than our best.

We only know how to repair credit one way...the right way. You get our best work no matter which service schedule you choose. You will never have to make the choice between quality work and affordable pricing. Here, you get both.

Short, sweet and simple—this is it. We do it all in this program to help your credit score. You need only choose how fast: Standard Service Schedule, Express Service Schedule or Elite.

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BlueRibbonOutstanding Service

Clients love UpMyScore because we work each customer's case just as we would our own: conscientiously, to the best of our ability with an obsession to provide truly outstanding service.

JusticeExercise Your Rights

Federal and state laws protect consumers from inaccurate, incomplete & unverifiable credit reporting.

"He who does not exercise his rights is no better off than he who has no rights." - Ted Wooley, UpMyScore Founder

BottomLineThere is no one who cannot dramatically improve their situation with a little time, money and professional guidance using our time-tested service.